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Indian Flavor About
Indian Flavor About

About Indian Flavor

Modern Indian cuisine with an European touch, tasty and elegant dishes for your special occasions


Give a special treatment to every customer since the moment that enter to the restaurant.

Cook with the freshest ingredients daily collected from local market.

Advise to the customers in order to get the best choice selecting their food according to their demands.

Constantly keep in improving the standard of quality service and quality cooking every day.


Indian flavor began as an idea of Jasmer Battan (CEO & Founder), very soon it become a goal achieved after much efforts and sacrifice of starting from zero till the top. The restaurant began open in 2014, in the same year after while also the delivery service started.

Today the image of the restaurant continues upgrading and modernizing, specially on internet and social networks where is easy to all kind of customer to rich.

Right now Indian Flavor is one of the best restaurant in Costa Adeje (Tenerife) keeping on the top rated restaurant on the popular TripAdvisor Rank.

If you like Indian food or not Try Indian Flavor, you will love it!

Our Blog

Here you can comment about how wonderful was your experience in our restaurant, or also what suggestions that will make us to improve our service.

We Love It When You Love It

Indian Flavor Blog Post

How did the hand pies look? Did you love the brownies? How many choux did you eat in one sitting? Yes, these are the things I think about. So today, after creating a gorgeous selection of our favorites for a client to send as a new year's gift, I was given a gift of my own: direct feedback from the recipients of the pastries.

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